MESS ROOM, Sun Pier House (Ground Floor), Medway Street, Chatham, ME4 4HF

Price: £10 (per pint-size cup)

All Families

Open to all

  • Artist: Christopher Sacre
  • Artist: Wendy Daws
  • Artist: Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

Make your visit to Medway Open Studios a memory you can SEE and TOUCH…

22 & 23 July, 10am-4pm*

Life casting is the art of taking a mould directly from the human body, resulting n a sculpture that captures every feature in stunning detail.

Enjoy a life casting experience with artists Christopher Sacre and Wendy Daws, explore the rest of Open Studios at Sun Pier House while it dries and collect your unique keepsake when you leave**.

*Last cast at 3pm

**Take home within two hours after the cast, subject to workload.

Wheelchair accessible

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Deaf Family (Any family with at least one deaf member)
All Families (All welcome)
BSL User
BSL/English Interpreter

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