Series 1

Each episode shows a simple art activity with materials available at home for children (and adults!). Why not have a go at making some art! We’d love to see what you make, and you can check out others’ creations at the WATCH Gallery.

5 - 11 years
Series Producer & Director: Christopher Sacre
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WONKY FACE | Episode 1 | Sat 10 April

Hmm… What could I make? In the morning you wake up, brush your teeth and look in the mirror. Your hair is messy, your glasses crooked, your clothes crinkled… Maybe we can create a ‘Wonky Face’! Do you want to make one? Have a look!

FARM ANIMAL: PIG | Episode 2 | Sat 17 April

Recently, I went for a walk in the countryside. Walking across the fieldsI saw some sheep, some cows, then a beautiful horse. Later I saw lots of odd curvy huts. What’s in there, I thought? Why, some sweet little pigs!

FINGER PAINTINGS: SEA LIFE | Episode 3 | Sat 24 April

When the rains stops and the sun comes out it makes me want to swim in the sea. So I pack my trunks and head to the beach. Under my feet I can feel rocks and sand and slimy seaweed, and there are fish and jellyfish. Do you want to see how to make this with your fingers?

CLAY MONSTER | Episode 4 | Sat 1 May

Do you have nice dreams? A day out to the seaside or playing with your friends? Lovely! But not all dreams are nice. You might have nightmares like mine, with a one-eyed monster with a single tooth! But don’t worry, he’s nice and friendly! Do you want to see how to make him?

FOOD COLLAGE | Episode 5 | Sat 8 May

I’m always feeling hungry and thinking about food. I love lots of different types of food, how about you? What’s your favourite food? Mine is beef burgers. Fizzy drinks, hmm, not sure… They make me burp! But ice-cream? Mmm! I love an ice-cream! Yummy!

CARDBOARD LANDSCAPE | Episode 6 | Sat 15 May

It’s been raining a lot lately and we have been sat inside the house. When it stops and the sun comes out, we want to go out for a walk - to the park or the countryside. It’s beautiful with the trees, hills and rivers. I think we should create this out of cardboard!

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