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Here you can search for different types of creative events for all the family to enjoy in exciting venues across Medway. Whether it's an activity day or a creative workshop, all events listed are accessible for all Deaf Families.

As well as being a fun and exciting way to learn new creative skills, the events listed are a great opportunity to meet other Deaf Families and share experiences. Which means you might get even more out of a fun family day out, and make new friends in your area.

Some events will be for Deaf Families only, and others will be open to All Families. Icons on each event page show you who the event is open to – and each event has a BSL user or a BSL/English Interpreter present, or both. Which means you and your family can engage fully in the experience and get the most out of the event.

Our icons guide can be found at the top left of this page. And if you'd like to search for a particular type of event, for instance an activity or a workshop, simply use the search tool below.

What's On

We currently have no events listed.

Understanding our icons

Deaf Family (Any family with at least one deaf member)
All Families (All welcome)
BSL Signer
Voice Over
Audio Description
BSL User
BSL/English Interpreter

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